Big Bad Banksia Man

I smelt home today, the clean astringent smell of bush aromatics so typical of my homeland.  And I came across a stand of Bottlebrushes behind the tennis court – look, it’s the Big Bad Banksia Man*!

As with many of Australia’s native plants, the flowers and seed pods of the Bottlebrush (each stage of which co-exist on the tree together) are fascinating and sometimes grotesque and I found myself waylaid for some time, taking studies of these gorgeously eccentric trees.   I hope you will understand why I’m unable to restrict myself to just one shot of the Big Bad Banksia Man – though I’ve limited the  post to shots of one variety!

Bud Stage

Flower Stages

Seed Pod Stages

*  A character in May Gibbs’ “Snuggle Pot and Cuddlepie”, the marvellously illustrated adventures of the bush babies from my childhood.


  1. What a flower, Meredith! I’ve never seen any flower quite like that ‘bottle brush’ before. This is a reminder why Australia is such an enchanting land (and continent).

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