Lines and Patterns – Down by the River

Down by the river – lines and patterns.  I think the fishing shack probably also qualifies for Ailsa’s “Through” Challenge this week.

Hi everyone – I’ve got a permanent internet connection at last, so I hope to catch up with you again, somewhere out there in the blogosphere.  🙂

PS – Apologies in advance about the advertisements – hope you’re not receiving them, but if you are, I’m sorry – I don’t know how to get rid of them.  I’m quite upset about them in fact, especially as I’ve just lashed out and bought a premium theme 😦


  1. I really like the theme, AND the post … this slatted fishing shack is terrific! … and the wave lines on the sand are some of my best-loved pattern 🙂 Strange about the advertising … I just paid $30 a year to not have advertising, but I don’t have a premium theme … 😦 We will be in Brisbane for two days 10-11 Oct … no car though so won’t pop up and see you … unless you are coming down …

  2. Wouldn’t that be great! If I have my license by then, and a car, I’ll find a reason to pop down!

    Christine, were you getting ads, or did you pre-empt them by purchasing an exemption? It’s either the premium theme or no ads, eh? I can’t imagine why ” Paradise” has been targeted, with half a dozen followers I’d have thought I would have slipped under their wire!

    Sand patterns are terrific, aren’t they? I must try to get in tune with the tides so I can see more of them.

    • Well, if you’re being made to host ads they’re not aimed at Australia, Gilly! I think the warning box is just that – a warning.

      I think the fishing shack was designed to offer no resistance to the wind. I’m not sure why, we’re not really in the cyclone belt this far south. 🙂

    • I’d hardly called it ‘settled’, EllaDee – urban camping is more like it, though things are a little more comfortable now I’ve got a sofa and the internet 🙂 The ship with my things arrived in Brisbane on the weekend, I think, so hopefully customs and quarantine will swing into action more quickly than the two weeks the agents quoted.

    • No, your eyes are fine, Jo – it seems the warning box is just that, a warning that they might appear – well, I hope it’s more of a warning than a scare tactic to make me go scrambling to buy an immunity! Now I’m posting from Australia the same warning box appeared on TWLG – so all I can do is hope I escape!

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  6. Great photos, how does that shed balance there? It looks as though a good wave will sweep it away.
    I wonder about that ad thing too. No ads on this post but I think WP will annoy a lot of bloggers if it does start putting unsolicited ads on our posts. I will be angry and the worst of it is they don’t really give us any option or say in it. GRRRRRRRRRR.

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