The Browns of the Bush

I have to put my hand up and declare I’m not a ‘brown’ person, though I’m drawn to brown people!

Seriously though, since coming home I’ve been reacquainted with the fragrant beauty of the browns of the bush, and the soft and inviting foil they give, as we wander there.  Here are some browns I was drawn to on the weekend, wandering around Buderim.

Thanks to Ailsa for this week’s Travel Theme Challenge,

Before I go – please cross your fingers glitches go back to glitchworld and leave me to settle in peace!  I’ve moved countries often enough to be prepared for the strange dislocation that is reverse culture shock.  What I hadn’t bargained for was the effect that what seems to have been an unending stream of unforeseen hiccups would have on my uncertain equilibrium.  Over the past month or so my life has been monopolised by  overcoming glitches – and I’m over it!   I now have a new iPhone (replaced, under warranty, thank goodness), and yesterday I took delivery of a new computer!  I do have a new car (which will be exciting, I’m sure), but also a spare room that’s groaning under the hurricane effect of several still unpacked boxes!

Bear with me – I’m looking forward to catching up with your posts and getting back into blogging and exploring our world.  🙂


  1. funny that you have done a brown post now that you are here again, the ‘brown’ land, where green fields are not the norm … but the riches, textures and variety of those browns is wondrous!

  2. I’m not a ‘brown’ person either but the hues you’ve captured look to me like the colours of precious things – silvers, golds, pearls, pewters and coppers 🙂
    Re-settling is never easy but the new life will feel comfotable again soon.

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