Nature’s Lines

Since I was a child and Christopher Robin made me aware of the lines and cracks, I’ve loved how lines add definition and vibrancy – even to my first colouring efforts (as I was recently reminded, coming across an old favourite while unpacking the books!).  But the master drafter in my opinion is always Nature itself.

Can you guess what this green delta really is?

Nature's Lines 1

Nature's Lines = AddendumPS – I had to laugh when I saw these forlorn, forgotten sox, messing up the pristine lines of a park warm-up bench!

A few recent captures from around this other paradise in response to Sue’s Word a Week challenge this week:  Lines.

Answer:  the furry underside of the great cup of the Staghorn Fern.


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  2. I keep hopping between the blogs, wondering if I’ve missed you, Meredith 🙂 Thanks for your good wishes and I hope that this Christmas isn’t too strange in your new habitat, and that you’re learning to love your new life. Very best wishes for 2014.

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