Evocative Fragrance

If I could bottle the heady fragrance of the bush around here, I’d send you a sachet of that today, but Ailsa’s asked for a photographic representation for her Travel Theme this week, so I’ve been casting about, tying to think of something else to tell you about.

For a gardener, the garden here at my new patch is almost a misnomer, but when I walk out to the letter boxes in the early evening and close my eyes, I could be in any sub-tropical or tropical paradise.   I guard against the evocative fragrance of the frangipani on the front lawn transporting me straight to my old island paradise because, really, what could be more beautiful than the flowers of the frangipani tree right here?

Evocative Fragrance 2

Evocative Fragrane 1


    • It is a beautiful frangipani, isn’t it Ilargia? And yes, I like the pictures, but they’re nothing like the brilliant composition I saw you post last night of the figure walking through the snow clad forest. I found it beautiful – moody and arresting, and a little mysterious. Loved it, in fact. 🙂

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