Launching off the Rocks

I’d been shooting the surfers in their waiting room for quite a while, being dissatisfied with the limitations of my dear old camera, when a large grey cylinder loomed into my peripheral vision.  Attached to it was a man wielding a bulky tripod attached to a small black camera.  As I remarked to Amy apropos lens envy, I almost cried, when I thought of the shots he’d get, and blurted out something to the effect of ‘talk about making a person’s point and shoot look pretty inadequate’.  He laughed, then consoled me a little by pointing out what a palava it was, lugging that lens around.

Interesting though – he left before me, complaining the waves weren’t up to much, but after he left I got a little extra, when this young man hove into view on the rocks down on the point below.

Launching off the Rocks 2

I was fascinated to watch him as he set about launching off the rocks.




  1. Worth the wait for sure. Camera envy is to a photographer as stove envy is to a great chef. It’s who is standing behind the camera or in front of the stove that matters.

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