Laurie Anderson said “Paradise is exactly where you are right now … only much, much better.”, and  Edward Abby  “… Earth, the only Paradise”.    I disagree.  I think Paradise is to be found everywhere.

Readers who have followed my blog The Wanderlust Gene, will know that I’ve recently left the Paradise island of Sri Lanka to relocate to the Sunshine Coast in Southeast Queensland – another Paradise.

Unremarkable Beauty

Another Paradise, the blog – has two objectives:  to photographically explore this piece of our world, and to use this exploration to improve my photography skills.  Another Paradise, the blog, will be an album of photographs shot during walks around my new home.

Birds and Sandbars

I hope you’ll join me as I explore The Coast – its’ rivers and creeks, beaches and backwaters, islands, forests, valleys and mountains.

Ciao Meredith
The Wanderlust Gene

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