Caught him in the Barrel

One of my favourite moments, here in another paradise, occurs just after driving past the Lifesavers Club car park at Alexandra Headland.  Right at that point the road crosses a little stream, and if you turn your head back over your left shoulder you get the most expansive view along the beach.  I was passing the other day and just had to stop.  The light was beginning to turn, as was the tide, and by some lucky fluke I had my camera with me. Caught Him in the Barrel 1 I thought I’d try to capture that breathtaking moment but was instead captivated by the surfers in their open air waiting room out behind the breakers.  Oh for a camera with a big lens – or even for my tripod so I could zoom digitally, I kept thinking, holding my breath as I squeezed the shutter on the minute bodies. Caught Him in the Barrel 7 Perhaps I closed my eyes at the same time, or perhaps that’s the measure of how bad my my eyes are getting, but I was beyond stoked when I got home and downloaded the pictures – I’d caught one guy in the barrel! Caught Him in the Barrel 4 Though I’d been aiming at the surfers in his general direction, that was an accidental extra I’d never have caught if I’d been trying!

Speaking of accidental extras – I laughed to see I’d captured this girl riding in as well as heading back out.



  1. These are great shots, Meredith. I get excited just looking at them. Sometimes that is the best thing to do…just keep shooting and hopefully when you get home you have that one magic shot. In your case you have several.

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